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Social Media can be used in many ways. Most companies use only 2 of the 3 ways, listed below;

  • to send messages
  • to listen to what people say about you and your company

and most of us overlook the following opportunity:

  • use the above (big) data to create new business models to turn Big Data into Profit

Most organisations (only) use social media to send messages to their:

  • customers,
  • fan base,
  • suppliers

How can you measure the results of your Social Media effort? Sending messages is just one way to use Social media. You can also use Social Media to listen to your audience.

How can you use Social Media to listen to your audience? There are many ways to read what people say:

  • about your brand,
  • your product,
  • your (customer) service.

It can be time-consuming to find all the relevant messages about your company. Software can help you with that. I have created u list of usefull social media software.

Social media Monitoring software

Social media software can help you to automatically filter all data you are interested in. Before you start with Social media, you might want to learn about Best Practices, to avoid common Mistakes. If you are new to Social Media in your organisation, you might want to read: How to start with Social Media according to Olivier Blanchard.

After this first encouter, you are ready to dive into the exciting world of (non-financial) Return On Investment in Social Media.

Case study ROI

Examples of Social Media ROI: Case studies Social Media ROI, with examples about:

  • Utilities, energy, oil & gas.
  • Sports activities and Sports events,
  • Dance events
  • 3D print and 3D design services.

To talk is social

Talking to private persons or compagnies is possible with apps such as:

These apps are not discussed here.


Interested in the most recent literature on Social Return on investment

must read (in Dutch):
Rijn Vogelaar wrote a book