How can we use Social Media?
Table of content:

  • How do YOU use Social Media?
  • Social Media Defined

How do YOU use Social Media?

  • What are the advantages of Social Media for you?
  • Which Social Media channels do you use?
  • For what purpose do you use Social Media?
  • What makes the use of Social Media attractive?
  • Which devices do you use?
  • How much time do you spend on Social Media?
  • How many contacts on Social Media are ‘Friends’?
  • How many contacts on Social Media are real life friends?
  • What type of content do you share on Social Media? And what not?
  • What kind of topics do you discuss or share on Social Media?
  • What are the benefits of sharing information on Social Media?
  • How would (or could) you use Social Media for your parttime job or your study?
  • What are the disadvantages of Social Media for you?
  • Can you give an example?
  • How do you cope with these disadvantages?
  • Did you discuss the way you use Social Media with your parents?
  • Did you discuss the way you use Social Media with your friends?
  • How would you feel if you were disconnected from Social Media for two weeks?

Social Media Defined

Forums and Message boards

It started long time ago with Bulletin Board Systems…

Review and Opinion Websites

One of the most early sites were you could leave a Review or your Opinion were: Amazon and EpinionsBoth are still on the market and now much more sites focus on Reviews, such as:


Social Networks

Ning, LinkedIn and FaceBook





Good example: Twitter


Having your website on the homepage of

  • Digg,
  • Delicious,
  • StumbleUpon

can skyrocket traffic on your website.

Media Sharing

  • Flickr (for photos)
  • YouTube (for video)
  • Vimeo (for video)