About Ronald Scheer

Ronald Scheer is an educator, lecturer, coach and guest speaker with an entrepreneurial mindset. On this Ronaldscheer.com website you can find international projects that Ronald is involved in.

On the Ronaldscheer.nl website you can find projects he has been working on in the Netherlands (in the Dutch language).

Most of the topics on this website are about my professional work as an educational consultant and lecturer. I have been working on education related topics, e.g.:

  • Curriculum development for 21st century skills
  • Creating safe working environments in schoolbuildings for students and lecturers
  • ‘Train the trainer’ and ‘Teach the teacher’ programs
  • Human Resource Development programs for teachers
  • E-learning
  • Maker Education and 3D innovation
  • Online Marketing, including affiliate marketing, SEM, SEA en SEO

And my students can find their online training programs here too! My students can find the exact location of their lessons and my lectures in the hand-outs that are provided prior to, and during, our online and offline meetings.

In januari 2016 Ronald started as Lecturer Media Innovation at Fontys university for applied sciences in the Economics department FEHT. Also, at Fontys faculty of Engineering in Eindhoven, he works as a project member for ‘Open Learning and Innovation Labs‘ with a focus on elearning development. This a project from the Fontys Centre of Expertise for High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM). Fontys has 4 Centers of Expertise. More about the 4 Fontys Centers of Expertise.

Ronald is also coach and mentor for students from ‘TeamRembrandts’. This  is a team from the ‘Mechatronics and Robotics department’, with students from:

  • University of Technology Eindhoven,
  • Fontys (HBO),
  • Summa College (MBO),
  • Ubbo Emmius (high school).

Prior to joining Fontys, Ronald was responsible for the educational programs at:

Ronald was a boardmember at Fablab Foundation Benelux from 2014 until 2016.

At the University of Twente, Ronald studied ‘Educational Science & Technology’ (graduated in 1999).

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