Olivier Blanchard is a French man, who wrote a book about ‘Social Media ROI’.

In his book, he shows us that Social Media is much more than just ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and ‘retweets’. The acronym ROI, stands for ‘Return on Investment’. ROI can be measured in financial terms, e.g. Sales measured in euro’s or dollars, but ROI can also be measured in non-financial terms.

According to Blanchard, non-financial ROI can be measured in terms such as:

  • How can Social Media fix PR problems?
  • Can Social Media Improve Customer service?

And Blachards shows us that these non-financial Returns might result in extra financial returns. For example: better customer service with Social Media might bring in more customers.

Book Social Media ROI Blanchard

In his book, Blanchard provides guidelines for corporate professionals who are looking for a strategy to use Social media within their organisation. Blanchard focuses on topics such as:

  • Social media program integration
  • Social media program management
  • Social media program measurement