Almost everyday I meet interesting people who work in the Education domain, e.g.:

  • teachers and lecturers
  • headmasters of schools,
  • HRD professionals,
  • curriculum developers,
  • educational designers,
  • etc.

In this section you can find more info about:

  • what these educators do,
  • why the company they work for is interesting for educators and
  • how they can inspire you, just like they have inspired me.

Below you can find a quick overview. (Note: I started this list on jan 26, 2015, so it will grow in the near future.)

Country: United Kingdom
Name Educator:    Job description:                           Company name/url

Kiri Crequer                  Teacher Network Manager
Paul Croft                      Director                                             Ultimaker GB
Andrew Gregson        Fablab manager                            Fablab London
Jason Yeung                Business Developer                      Printlab International
Michelle Chatterley  Head of projects                            Create Education
Steve Cox                     Consultant                                        3D technologies
Gail Morrison              Production Manager          
Dejan Mitrovic            Creative Designer                
Alex Mayor                   Director                                             Ultimaker GB
Andrew Smith            Head of Sales                                  Fuel3D

Country: Sweden
Name Educator:    Job description:                           Company name/url

Tomas Karlsson      Regional Manager  Europe       AutoDesk

Country: USA
Name Educator:    Job description:                           Company name/url

Lauren Slowik        Design evangelist-Education      Shapeways 3dprint

Country: The Netherlands
Name Educator:    Job description:                           Company name/url

Erik de Bruijn           Founder                                           Ultimaker
Lennart de Graaff   FLL coach                              
Bert vd Werfhorst   Sales rep.                              
Gijs Houdijk              Technical Dev. Manager            ColorFabb
Joris Peels                Consultant                                       Self employed
Erik de Bruijn           CEO                                                    YouMagine