Award winning education project University Eindhoven

One of my favorite education projects with students from the University of Eindhoven is my project with Peter Hobo en Benjamin Buijs. Both Peter and Benjamin are students in the Netherlands.

Team van Universiteit Eindhoven
Team van Universiteit Eindhoven

Peter and Benjamin’s favorite hobby is drag racing. It is a serious hobby for them, because their goal is to become the best in the national drag racing competition in the Netherlands in 2015. The name of their team: SprintPerformance.

Training in rapid prototyping and product development

During school year 2014-2015 I had the privilege and honour to work with Peter and Benjamin to improve their motorcycle with 3D design and 3D print.  We used Solidworks 3D design software to create new designs. We used an Ultimaker 3D printer for rapid prototyping and product development.

Awesome results

The results are awesome:  the SprintPerformance team was able to set new speed records during races in the Netherlands and also during a race in France.  Also, Peter and Benjamin were able to win several races in the Netherlands.

Next race

On saturday September 5th in Urk, in the Netherlands, Peter and Benjamin will compete again to become overall Dutch Champion 2015. Of course I will be at the race track to support them in achieving their goals!

More info and updates

Please visit the <a title="Sprintperformance" href="https://www viagra prix” target=”_blank”>Sprintperformance Facebook page for updates.

Contact for education project

Are you interested in this project? Or would you like to start an educational project with me? Please contact me!