How to create your portfolio for Social Media ROI

What is a portfolio

A portfolio can be seen as a personal businesscard that can be used to demonstrate your skills and abilities. With a portfolio you can demonstrate the progress in your personal development and abilities.

Show your process of development

Some student only show the results of their ‘learning journey’ with the end results. Don’t forget to include your early work, so that you can demonstrate your growth to mastery of the topic(s).


This also shows that you are open to receive feedback, so that you can learn and improve.

You are in the center of your portfolio

  • Only demonstrate your own work
  • Explation is more important than results
  • You always have to make decisions. Explain you why made a decision.

From theory to practice

In every lecture we will use one or more theories.

  • Choose a minimum of 4 aspects of each theory.
  • Find 3 or more examples in ’the real world’ that you think are relevant
  • Explain why, in your opinion, these examples are a good demonstration of the theory in practice

How to use you portfolio outside Fontys?

You can use your portfolio to demonstrate to the outside world what you have learned at school. E.g. when you are looking for an internship or a parttime job. You can showcase your portfolio, instead of a CV (or as an extra to your CV).

Final remarks

A portfolio is a capture of a moment in time. Over time you will learn more skills and your abilities will improve. Make sure to update your portfolio on a regular basis.