Plotagon is a playful new app. With Plotagon you can makes stories come to life with you in the director’s chair.  You can write your story,  you can choose your characters, and you can press play. It is that easy! Plotagon is a Swedish company, based in Stockholm.

Klas Holmlund and Ronald Scheer
Klas Holmlund and Ronald Scheer

Klas Holmlund is the Creative Evangelist from Plotagon. I am looking forward to cooperate with Klas to produce a first movie to impove and extend the educational materials that I produce.

We might e.g. start with an instruction movie about why an Aquaponic system in your house, office of school, is a good learning experience for children and adults. We might even add an instruction with how to print my Aquaponic system (thee designs is published on I am confident that Klas can help me to produce awesome results!

Contact Plotagon

Grev Turegatan9,
114 46 Stockholm