Outline for the first lectures in a series of lectures about ‘Gamification’ at Fontys Tilburg, including a theory about online Gamification and some examples:

  • Lecture 1: Introduction to Gamification: theory of Yu Kai Chou
  • Lecture 2: Introduction to Pursuasion: theory of Robert Chialdini

There are many ways to influence the human brain. Some messages are clearly written to convince you to act. Below are a few case studies of how marketeers are trying to pursuade a person to do something, or stop doing something. But first. let me show you a theorie about the 8 gamification principles from Yu Kai Chou.

Theory about Gamification

The 8 Core Drives of Gamification

1) Epic Meaning & Calling
Epic Meaning & Calling is the Core Drive where a player believes that he is doing something greater than himself or he was “chosen” to do something.

2) Development & Accomplishment
Development & Accomplishment is the internal drive of making progress, developing skills, and eventually overcoming challenges.

3) Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback
Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback is when users are engaged a creative process where they have to repeatedly figure things out and try different combinations.

4) Ownership & Possession
This is the drive where users are motivated because they feel like they own something.

5) Social Influence & Relatedness
This drive incorporates all the social elements that drive people, including: mentorship, acceptance, social responses, companionship, as well as competition and envy.

6) Scarcity & Impatience
This is the drive of wanting something because you can’t have it.

7) Unpredictability & Curiosity
Generally, this is a harmless drive of wanting to find out what will happen next.

8) Loss & Avoidance
This core drive is based upon the avoidance of something negative happening.

Case studies Gamification

Strava sports activities

Are you interested in cycling and running? Strava is the app for you to keep track of your progress and compare your results with your friends. Gamification elements are used succesfully to motivate sportsmen and sportwoman are the globe. One of these elements is the use of badges and leaderboards:

Strava challenge
Strava challenge
Strava badges
Strava badges



Strava gamification elements
Strava gamification elements


3DHubs review
3DHubs review

There are some elements in this email that are used to influence your behavior. Can you recognize these elements and sentences?



How 3Dhubs tries to influence you to act

Techniques to inlfuence your behavior
Techniques to influence your behavior