Twig World ltd offers thousands of short 3-minute movies for Science, Math and Geography for students from 11-16 years.  For eveybody who is older than 16, I still recommend connecting to, because most of the demonstration-video’s that I watched were amazing and of high quality .

Ronald with Gail Morrison and Kiri Crequer


In the picture you see Gail Morrison in the middle and Kiri Crequer on the right hand side.



I look forward to working with the Twig team to produce high quality content for secondary education on topics about:

  • Science,
  • Technology,
  • Engineering,
  • Arts and
  • Math.

We will start with short video’s from the lessons that I provide at secondary level about 3D print and 3D Design in the classroom. I have already created some video’s with teachers and students work(ing) together at ‘Technology and Design curriculum-projects’.