It might be convenient for some of you to know what materials I use and how I produce the results that I demonstrate on this website or during the presentations and lectures.

Details you are interested in

On this website I give detailed descriptions and links to the products or services that I bought, borrowed and used. The same goes for the venues that I visited and the places that I have been.

To link or not to link

Some links are direct links, some links are affiliate links. For you, the visitor to my blog, there is no difference between an ‘normal’ direct link or an affiliate link. There is a difference for me, as blog owner.  If my visitors go to a website through my affiliate link AND this visitor makes a purchase, then I get a small compensation called ‘refferal fee’. Again: for you, the visitor to my blog, there is no difference. Also, your privacy is respected, because I don’t see whether you make a purchase or not. In short: you don’t pay more or less then you would in a regular situation, although….

How blog writers can help blog visitors

Some partners that I work with are willing to give an extra bonus to my visitors as soon as I reach a certain amount of traffic to my partners website. And of course I will announce that on my website as soon as that happens!

Now back to the products that I have used and borrowed or purchased…


I bought a Canon EOS 70D kit with 35-55 mm lens. is a good resource if I cannot find the right pictures in my own collection.

Computer hardware

Laptop: Lenovo with 13 inch screen.

I used to work an a HP pavilion with 11 inch screen. This robust laptop has never let me down and has been a good friend for 3 years.

3D printer: Ultimaker Original with Dual Extrusion. And an Ultimaker2. The Ultimaker Mini is on my wishlist, for easy transportation.

Computer software

Adobe Illustrator for image processing.


All the examples of my work with a lasercutter were produced on a Speed300 Trotec lasercutter.

Website CMS

The Content Management System for this website is WordPress. I used to work with Joomla! and Wikimedia in the past. To me, WordPress is a little bit more ‘intuitive’ than the other CMS (systems) that I used to work with.


I prefer to travel by public transportation (Dutch railway corporation NS). I also travel with our family car: a black 2008 Ford Focus with 1.8 gasoline engine.