3Dhubs is a 3D print community for 3D printer owners and 3D designers who need to print something on a 3D printer. The other day, 3D Hubs has send a questionnaire to their Hub owner (I am a hub in the city where I live in). 3DHubs would like to know more about the owners of 3D printers, who are listed on their website, and how the 3D printers are used.

Some questions that 3Dhubs asked to their partners with a printer are listed below. In my opinion, 3Dhubs is trying to ‘harvest’ information from their online community about the industry is heading. So, from these questions, we can learn a lot about many aspects of the 3Dprint industry. Foof for thought! What are your thoughts? Please feel free to contact me anytime!

Review questions about Ultimaker2

Basic questions:

How long have you been using your Ultimaker 2?

less then a month
1-3 month
3 month to 1 year
more then 1 year

How many prints have you made with your machine?

less then 10
over 250

What do you mainly use your Ultimaker 2 for?

Personal use,

Build quality

on a scale from 1 to 5
1 = Only luck keeps this machine together.
5 = Well designed, quality assembly & materials.

Ease of use

1 = Requires an engineering degree to run.
5 = Just plug & play.


1 = Breaks down all the time.
5 = No issues at all.

Print failure rate

For every 10 print attempts, how many fail due to the printer?

Running costs


Software quality

1 = Poor/unreliable.
5 = Excellent/reliable.


1 = Hello… anyone there?
5 = Great! Active community.

Customer service

1 = Poor.
5 = Excellent.

Value for money

1 = Never again, overpriced for what it offers.
5 = My Ultimaker 2 is great value for money.

Which aspects of the Ultimaker 2 are you most satisfied with?

Please choose from the list or add your own choices at “other”.
Choose as many as you like

3Dhubs inquiry
3Dhubs inquiry

What are the biggest downsides of the Ultimaker 2?

Final questions:

Would you recommend the Ultimaker 2?

Yes or No?

Who would you recommend it to?

Based on: 3D Printing experience
Beginner, Intermediate, Experts
Based on: Profession/Background
Hobbyist, Product Designers, Engineers, Students, Educators, Budget Buyers, Entrepreneurs, Other.


What’s your opinion about the  Ultimaker 2? Would you like to review it in a few sentences?

What will your next 3D Printer purchase be?

If the next version of your current printer, just choose the current one’s name.
If you’re not planning to buy a new one, choose “I’m not planning to buy a new 3D Printer”.
If it’s not on the list, choose “Other”.
Thanks for your contribution!