CPC component house is a B2B distributor with over 100.000 products for sale. Many products can be used in education.  I look forward to helping CPC to educate and inspire teachers on how their products can be used in schools. For with the DIY kits for Arduino and RaspberryPi.

David Deventer and Ronald Scheer
David Deventer and Ronald Scheer

David Deventer is Head of Marketing at CPC

The Premier Farnell Group

CPC is part of ‘The Premier Farnell Group’. Some key facts about this company:

  • Operations in more than 35 different countries
  • Supplying more than 150 global industries
  • More than 2 million customer contacts every year
  • More than 3,700 employees
  • Over 500,000 products stocked across their regional warehouses